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Arluy patrocina el voleibol en Logroño

Arluy supports Logroño Volleyball

The Riojan company will sponsorship the team season 2017-18.

The agreement between the biscuits manufacturer and the Logroño Volleyball Club gives a new name to the team, MINIS of  ARLUY Logroño Volleyball.

ARLUY will be the new main sponsor of the Logroño Volleyball Club. The agreement has been formalized for one season (2017-2018). The Logroño Volleyball Club has been the great dominator of the Iberdrola Super League during the last seasons.

The event was attended by Conrado Escobar Las Heras, Councilor of the Government of La Rioja, Diego Azcona, Sports Director, Angel Imas, President of the Riojan Volleyball Federation and the complete boarding of the Volleyball club headed by Carlos Arratia Fernández.   Logroño Volleyball will compete next season with the name of Minis of  Arluy Logroño Volleyball in domestic competitions (Super League, Queen’s Cup and Super Cup) and also in The Challenge Cup which is its fourth European adventure.

Arturo San Juan, CEO of Arluy, justifies the achieved agreement because “our brand is focused, above all, on children and young people and the sport fits with our market philosophy by how they are our products, healthy and funny.

We used to collaborate with different activities in La Rioja, but at product level, explains Arturo San Juan.

Saving a support they perform with a cycling team, this will be the first sponsorship of a professional sports team by Arluy.  “The volleyball team stayed ‘lame’ and we decided to give it support.  In addition, the fact that it’s now the best women volleyball team in Spain has reinforced the decision “, acknowledges Arturo San Juan.