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Arluy has been taking good care of you and your loved ones for more than 30 years.

Arluy was created in 1988 in the region of La Rioja, in northern Spain.

Arluy 1988

This year, the company has entered the breakfast and assortment segments by adding the well-known brands Reglero and Rio to its portfolio.

With the acquisition of the Zahor brand from the multinational corporation Natra, Arluy is entering a new segment: namely, chocolate.

In order to increase its production capacity and tackle new challenges, the company is moving to a new factory located in Arrúbal, La Rioja.

Nueva fábrica Arluy

Arluy has reached an agreement with Unilever to begin distributing its Flora biscuit brand. This will enable Arluy to expand its portfolio and enter the health segment with a category-leading brand.

What began as a small, family-owned company became part of Biscuit International, Europe’s leading producer of private-label biscuits, in 2018. INTERNATIONAL.


Biscuit International was founded in 2016 and has become the number-one European manufacturer of private-label sweet biscuits.

Biscuit International is indirectly controlled by a number of private investment funds, which are advised by Platinum Equity Advisors, LLC.


Arluy is our flagship brand. Created in La Rioja in 1988, its focus is on children’s products such as our filled biscuits and Minis Originales.

Reglero began life in a sweet shop in Zamora, run by the Reglero family. During the 1960s the firm made the leap into the mass market and became a leader in the assortment segment with its well-known biscuits and Nevaditos.

Rio was created in Paterna (Valencia) as a brand specialising in breakfast products for all the family. For many generations of consumers, the brand’s Girasol biscuits, with their iconic hole in the middle, are an evocation of their childhood.

Logo Zahor

Zahor, our chocolate brand, was created in 1937 when José Zahour opened a factory producing bonbons and chocolates in San Sebastian. Zahor cherry liqueurs are the brand’s stand-out product and boast excellent recognition among consumers.