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Arluy develops and launches between 3 and 5 new products every year, this would not be possible without the Arluy R & D department, in charge of researching new developments related to raw materials, packaging and product testing.

Arluy works every day to reach the highest quality standards. For this, in its productive facility, it has the most advanced technology that allows it to carry out the elaboration of the different types of cookies which are part of its catalog.

Arluy’s quality lab and its R & D Department, not only insure high quality standard of raw materials and manufactured products, but also facilitates the characterization of multiple parameters related to the different developments achieved such as content determination In fats, mass behavior, etc.

Tasting Room

Arluy’s R & D department has a large group of graduates who, together with the analysis and research department of processes, form the main group of product development. This working group, following the indications of the Marketing studies has developed different commercial products according to our R & D policy of the company.

Arluy’s innovation policy grants a permanent development and launch of new products (between 3 and 5) every year.

All these new developments are tested by our potential customers, according to the target of the product, who are in charge of testing and evaluating the new products in a classroom created for that purpose. Through their considerations we can draw conclusions that help us greatly to decide whether a product may or may not be feasible, regardless of other factors.