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Our Commitment

At Arluy, we are committed to create a healthy lifestyle, based on good nutrition and daily exercise.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), six of the seven major health determinants are related to physical activity and diet.

These are two activities present throughout the life of every person and, as they are modifiable, how they are conducted will depend , on a large scale, our future well-being.

Arluy is a pioneer in the substitution of animal fats by vegetable fats. In addition by replacing palm oil with healthier options such as high oleic sunflower oil such as the Flora range or the B Live range. Even if this is more expensive presents very important nutritional differences compared to other oils.

Our range of products is made with a high percentage of cereals and is mostly composed of high oleic sunflower although it is more expensive, it presents very important nutritional differences compared to other oils.

High oleic sunflower oil is an oil with characteristics similar to olive oil. The main difference lies in the proportion of oleic acid.
The properties of oleic acid concern the beneficial action with regard to our blood vessels and our heart because they increase the so-called “positive cholesterol” (HDL-c) of the blood.

At Arluy, we do not use hydrogenated fats, which are used by some companies to prolong the life of the product and maintain its taste and texture for longer periods.
Hydrogenation facilitates industrial manufacturing but, on the other hand, generates trans fatty acids which, at high doses, have adverse health effects.
However, it should be noted that some products, in their own nature, contain small doses of these acids, and that their consumption is not negative in a balanced diet while performing physical activity.

  • We use the best ingredients for our products.
  • We do not use hydrogenated fats.
  • We encourage the use of high oleic sunflower oil.

Arluy works day after day to reach the highest quality standards.

This effort  has  been awarded with the Safety Food Certifications IFS and
BRC since 2010.

We are registered at the Food Drug Administration (FDA) for the American market.

Also, we are associated to the Green Point since August 1997, by introducing
EAN CODE and DUN14 in  all our products.