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Our History

Arluy S.L.U. is a spanish company located at Arrubal (Spain), dedicated to the manufacturing, sale and distribution of biscuits and chocolate  at a national and  international level.

2009 was the turning point for the company, starting its expansion by buying the well known brands Reglero and RIO to the multinational Grupo Siro.

Reglero is a brand created in the 60´s at a industrial level, but formerly very famous too in the confectionery and pastry shops of the Reglero family in Zamora or Valladolid.

On the other hand, Rio, of valencian origin, is a brand related to snacks and breakfast products.

In 2011, Arluy continued its expansion in a complementary market as the chocolate sector, by buyingto the multinational Grupo Natra the brand Zahor of chocolates, founded in 1937.


Mid-2018 Arluy became part of Biscuit International Group.

Biscuit International is the leading European manufacturer of private label sweet biscuits, with a wide range of products with a European or local presence – traditional biscuits, nutrition (organic, gluten-free, no added sugars, no palm oil, lactose free…), waffles, etc. – Here at Biscuit International, product innovation is at the heart of what we do. 

Biscuit International was created in 2016 as a result of the combination between Poult (the French leader) and Banketgroep (Netherlands). As the industry’s leading consolidation platform in Europe, the group acquired in 2018: A&W (Germany), Stroopwafel & Co (Netherlands), Northumbrian Fine Foods (United Kingdom), Arluy (Spain), and in 2019 Aviateur (Netherlands), to become the European Leader in the Private Label sweet biscuits market. BI is owned by Qualium.