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Our History

Arluy S.L.U. is a spanish company located at Arrubal (Spain), dedicated to the manufacturing, sale and distribution of biscuits and chocolate  at a national and  international level.

Mr. Arturo San Juan de Maeztu, Gold Medal of Merit for Labour, was the founder of the company Marbu, the seed of the current Arluy.

In the post –Civil War period, Mr. San Juan created one of the most famous biscuits companies in Spain, Marbu and popularized the biscuits Marie Dorada.

The son of the founder, Arturo San Juan Martinez, was the one who planned and built the current plant of Marbu in 1980 which is still working.

He also planned and built the plant of Marbu Ecuador (Guayaquil). Such fame ended up in the american multinational Nabisco acquiring both plants in Spain and Ecuador.

Some years later, Arluy was founded by Arturo San Juan Martinez in 1988 in Logroño (Spain), being owned since 2003 by his sons Arturo and Javier San Juan Berrozpe.  At the beginning, the company focused on specialties and sandwich biscuits, mainly as a snack.

2009 was the turning point for the company, starting its expansion by buying the well known brands Reglero and RIO to the multinational Grupo Siro.

Reglero is a brand created in the 60´s at a industrial level, but formerly very famous too in the confectionery and pastry shops of the Reglero family in Zamora or Valladolid.

On the other hand, Rio, of valencian origin, is a brand related to snacks and breakfast products.

In 2011, Arluy continued its expansion in a complementary market as the chocolate sector, by buyingto the multinational Grupo Natra the brand Zahor of chocolates, founded in 1937 when the austrian Jose Zahour opened a factory for chocolates in San Sebastian. It´s family name gave name to the brand Zahor.

In 2012, Arluy S.L.U. started building a new factory of 35.000 m2 of land, to increase its production capacity and face new proyects, making an investment of more than 13 million EUR in the first phase of production lines and 15.000 m2 of production plant.

The new plant was inaugurated by the President of La Rioja, Mr. Pedro Sanz on 31st october 2014 and there is already a plan for new investments of 7 million EUR in 2016 and 2017, with the target of installing a new production line and several enhancements, following an strategic plan of constant growth for the coming years.

” Third Generation doing what we know best, Cookies “